Why You Should Write a Book about Your Ideologies

Do you have something in mind that you would like to share with the world? If yes, and you have been passionate about it, you must be a great candidate for a great author. Why? Everyone can write a book, but it takes willingness and passion for writing a good one. So, do you have it? Well, I’m sure you do. Why else would you be reading this article? Writing any book is one of the most rewarding feelings you’ll ever get. How much more if you are writing about your beliefs? You will never know who you could inspire by your words. You will have a chance to widen the world views of someone about their faith. As long as you also base your words according to the words of God, you are good to go. 

One great example of a book that spreads wisdom and knowledge is From Science to Spirituality: Finding Spirituality in Science by Neil C. Griffen. The author bravely writes this book. It is discussing two of the most sensitive topics of the world, science and religion. Neil C. Griffen’s professional career allowed him to justify his words and message successfully. If you are looking for a book that can inspire you to be brave and talk about your ideologies, this is ideal. 

There are a lot of benefits you can get out of it, too. This blog will inspire you to pursue your dreams of being an author. It will give you reasons why you should. 

You Can Share Your Message 

If you have something in mind that you want to share with the world, this is the chance for you to do it. By writing a book, you can include all the valuable topics you want to discuss, especially when writing non-fiction. There is a great need for you to do this for you to feel like you have done something about it. Through this, you can change a person’s perspective about life. If you are writing substantial information about your faith, you can help your readers be inspired by it. 

You Can Serve God

Serving and glorifying God means serving others. Be it a family member, a friend, or even a stranger; you will surely do it. One way you can do it is by reading a book. Because you are sharing wisdom and knowledge with others, you are serving the Almighty. You are a great leader. Some would say that Christians are made to be writers, as, through writing, one is spreading His Words. You are feeding the souls of those who are hungry for it. It means that you are doing a really great job at being a true Christian leader. 

You Can Find a Community That Will Support You

There are times when support is all that a person needs. There is a lot of author’s community you can join, be it a physical community or online community. You can definitely find the perfect one for you. In there, you can share and gain insights into different aspects of writing. You can also find many friends with who you can connect. Communities of authors are one of the best support groups out there. 

You Have the Talent

One of the reasons to write a book is because you have the capacity to do so. Use this capacity in the right way. There is a purpose of why God has given you the ability to use it. Write a book not because you are pressured, or you want to boost your credibility; write because you can. 

You Can Learn Along the Way

As mentioned, you will not only influence others with the good, you can also benefit from writing a book. You will also learn and discover tons about your faith and what you truly stand for through the writing process. You will also gain a better relationship with God, which every Christian longs for. 

In conclusion, writing a book will require you so much time and effort. But the points above are surely enough for you to keep going. Always remember that after you write your first draft, you will get the most fulfilling feeling you’ll ever get. Good luck on your journey to spread good news to others!


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