Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Faith

One of the major goals of Christian people is to have steadfast faith. The type of faith wherein it can stand still whatever life may throw at them. If you are a Christian, you can surely relate to this. Whether you are a new Christian or you have been for years, you should always have the will to take action to make your faith stronger every day. Faith is something powerful that you can always rely on during tough times. It will help you cope with the dark pathway in life and will guide you to the brighter side. God calls His people to stand firm by His side at all times, why wouldn’t you?

Talk to Him

One of the few things you can do to to strengthen your faith is by talking to Him. Prayer is a great chance for you to have the time to honestly speak to God and exposing to Him your feelings. It is a time for you to confess and ask God for His forgiveness, a time for you to rejoice in His goodness, a time for you to send to Him your questions and concerns, and a time for you to ask Him for support and guidance. Prayer helps to develop and reinforce our faith because it makes it possible for us to come before God and rely on Him and His power. It gives you the chance to also strengthen your relationship with him. 

Be Obedient 

Let’s be honest, submitting yourself to God can be a difficult thing to do. But there are several basic ways in which this aspect can be honed. One way to submit your life to Him is by developing moral values. Every day, you should practice it. You may have been practicing it ever since. However, as they say, life is a never-ending process of learning. You learn every day, and this includes learning good values every day, also. Start with obedience practice. It is the act of obeying particular regulations and laws. The Bible very specifically teaches this trait to Christians by calling them to submit to Him by loving obedience. 

Read His Words

Sometimes, people seek answers to their deep-seated questions. The answers are still found in the Bible much of the time. Reading the Bible allows you to understand God more to make you more like Him, to do all His works. This is the most powerful way to build a relationship with God. You have to understand the scriptures well, therefore. Once you have learned it very well, you can share the wisdom and knowledge with others. One way to achieve this is by reading Christian books. Christian authors are very well-versed with the scriptures. They are like sharing the word of God in layman’s terms. One book that you should read is From Science to Spirituality: Finding Spirituality in Science by Neil C. Griffen, which discusses to the readers some significant and relevant information.  It is about the desire on finding God in science and how embracing science and spirituality is not that complicated. This topic is one of the most sensitive topics that need to be discussed. If you want to gain wisdom about this topic, this should be the first on your list.

Trust in Him

A part of having a strong faith is having trust in Him. Without trust, faith will never exist within you.  In every aspect of our lives, you need to trust God and count on Him, rather than ourselves. Yes, there are times when you feel like you can do anything. When things go wrong, you tend to blame yourself. This is when you need to trust in God. You need to know that He has laid out all his plans for you. For Him, you already have a future to look forward to. As they say, do your best and God will do the rest.Trusting God may be hard at times, but God is the One who helps us to conquer the hardest valleys of our lives. In the end, it is our confidence in God that creates our faith and we should strive in every circumstance to trust Him.

Hopefully, these points will help you with making your journey to strengthening your faith easier. Best of luck in life! Don’t forget to ask guidance from Him. 


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