Life-Changing Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Can you feel it? Something has changed in the air. You become more aware of the ever-changing world and the problems in it. There is an intense craving for change more than ever. You find your interests are evolving, your consciousness is growing, and you see life from another perspective. This feeling might have left you confused and baffled. It is a possibility that you are going through a spiritual awakening as we speak. But, what exactly is a spiritual awakening? To be honest, there is no clear definition due to many people interpreting it their own way. However, this Neil Griffen book about Disciplines of science and religion and spirituality, From Science to Spirituality, offers a more precise explanation of this passage. It provides cases and insights, setting readers on a new path of exploring spirituality and related matters. 

A spiritual awakening can be happening to some now while others are still clueless. Your spiritual awakening can be in a short period, but it can last for years for others. One thing is for sure; a spiritual awakening is an eclectic experience. What appeared as a crazy process on the outside is actually a series of patterns that made sense once you’ve become aware of them. Once you learn these stages and work with them, you’ll notice that your spiritual awakening process will become smoother and more peaceful. Thus, this article will identify the life-changing stages of spiritual awakening. 

Deep Melancholy

More times than not, a person who undergoes this process goes through some form of upheaval. This will become the starting point to spiritual awakening. You will question everything. Perhaps your routine no longer brings you happiness? Or, a huge tragedy hits you at a deeper, subconscious level? The awakening occurs when you feel sad and depressed due to the void in your life. You feel as if something is missing, and you just cannot fill it no matter what you do. This feeling may last for months, and for some people, last for years. Going through a spiritual awakening can be confusing, lonely, alienating for most, but this is a beautiful experience as you become more aware of life.

Ray of Hope

When hit with melancholy, you get into deep thinking, re-evaluated your life. You become highly sensitive to the suffering of others who have gone through the same as yours. You might have been disconnected at some point, but suddenly you find the will to keep going, to change for the better. You have become awake, noticing something different is happening to you and the synchronicities around you. Life will have more meaning as something more than meets the eye. An unexplainable sense of connection to the people and the universe will occur in your life. You may have wandered aimlessly for so long, but now you’ve awoken from a long slumber. 

Flood of Recession

Just when you thought that you’re making improvements, you’ve met a hasty slump. You will begin to notice the inauthenticity, manipulation, and all the bad in people and the world due to you becoming aware. You become dispirited after re-evaluating life, but then this is a necessary stage before finding spirituality. This is a stage where you realize that there is much healing to be done. This is a sign of growth, but in order for this to commence, you have to let go of the things holding you back. You release grudges and give forgiveness, especially to yourself. And only then will you begin awakening what the physical did not. 

Becoming Grounded

After the slump stage, you’ll start to feel more grounded. The sense of connection will return, and positive energy flows within you. You strived to survive daily, and now, you’re finding answers and experiencing breakthroughs. Several mystical experiences occur, giving you a glimpse into the ultimate nature of reality. This time you will find joy, hope, connection, and awe. Life will become less about you and more about We— you, people, creatures, the world, and God. Your perspective will expand and see things in the big picture. 

Sudden Bliss

In the last stage, you will feel a sense of bliss come along. You’re now woken up and start feeling properly alive. A realization of a greater life will make you feel excited to live daily. You will feel that the greater power is leading your way, helping you get through tough times. Your heart is filled with emotions, such as compassion and connection. This stage is where you gain confidence and commit yourself to your soul’s pathway. With full awareness, you will honor your spiritual awakening by serving others to uplift the world. And above all, you will feel at peace with yourself and deeply aligned with life. 


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