Four Clear Signs that You are a Medium

There is a fine line between frightening and absurd when you think of a medium. It is hardly surprising since a spirit medium is often portrayed as such in literature and film. Depictions of mediums range from comical to truly haunted individuals; however, real-life mediums are as normal as they appear. You may not know it, but you might have passed by someone who was a medium. Mediums are not weird-looking people with unstable minds instead, they are people blessed to have extrasensory perception. This gift allows them to see, feel, or hear information that is normally shrouded from the human senses. Nowadays, they are referred to as psychics that are geared towards helping others. You may not know it, but you might be a medium yourself. The author of the outstanding book From Science to Spirituality, Neil C. Griffen, is a certified medium. Despite his background in science, he pursued mediumship. He broke the bonds of science, religion, and spirituality. He found a connection between them that no man has proven. Moreover, with his vast knowledge in science, Griffen has  the benefits of using scientific insight in his mediumship. 

If you are wondering how you can know if you have psychic abilities, below are the prominent signs that can negate your suspicion of being a medium. 

You have Remarkable Intuition that Rarely Goes Wrong

People turn to mediums for reassurance with their decisions. However, when you no longer need to see a psychic or have an enhanced intuition, you may already have psychic abilities. You strongly trust your gut instinct and have learned to hone in communicating with your body when something doesn’t feel right. Oftentimes, your gut feel is correct when you sense something is not right. This is a common indication that you may have psychic abilities. In addition, normal people may also have gut feelings, but this is only from time to time. In comparison, a medium will have this every time, most of the time. Hence, you must start to acknowledge your gut reactions, especially when it comes to people, places, or situations. 

You can Read People Well

Another common trait of a medium is perceiving other people in a different light. Psychics are magnetic that just by spending a short time with other people, they can get an idea of what they’re about and their histories. And more times than not, their perceptions of people are typically always on point. Because of this, mediums are sought after for their advice, insight, and natural wisdom. 

Furthermore, mediums perceive people differently as in they experience synesthesia, a condition in which senses are swapped. For instance, you see people in colors such as red or blue. If you experience a similar situation, then this is a good sign that you may have a special gift. 

You have Extra Sharp Senses

When you walk into a room and feel pressure, heat, heaviness, or emotions, this is also an indication of psychic abilities. Mediums have heightened sensation wherein you can be disturbed by fragrances, odors, sounds, or touches. Sometimes, you have an emotional response to a triggering sound. Because you intensely feel what others feel, you find it quite hard to turn a blind eye and not to care. In other situations, you may even find yourself being able to sense others’ thoughts and feelings, sometimes finishing their sentences. In this case, you may possess a unique gift that most psychics have, which is telepathy.

You have Vivid Dreams and Vision

Not all, but many mediums experience prophetic or symbolic dreams that often bring a spiritual message. These dreams are extremely realistic and would leave you with a distinct impression. Seeing appearances of deceased loved ones or spirit guides, showing you cryptic and symbolic messages is also an example of vivid dreaming. In addition, visiting a location in great detail, your waking self has never seen is also a sign that you might be a medium. Your visions may appear to be scary and intense, and can come true in real life. You don’t necessarily have to be asleep to have vivid dreams of vision. Sometimes, a vision can come anytime, when you’re alone, or in a crowd. This might feel like a mere deja vu; however, this is an ability that most mediums possess. Lastly, just like your gut feeling, your dreams and visions also come true in life. 

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